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Free IT Tutorial was published for providing IT industrial training and professional certification. Free IT Tutorials is the first online training academy that published IT and Network education to Sri Lanka to create a better future for everyone to learn IT and Network without any charge of cost. It is the professional and online learning educational center which helps a student to be a creative thinker and we create the space for all the students who willing to learn IT with quality resources to explore vast knowledge, innovation and to produce IT professionals with leadership Skills and Problem-solving skills. We have a highly experienced panel of teachers and who have specialized in their subject for a long time in their careers with the industrial experience. We teach you all the areas in a completely new way. So, it is different from the traditional online teaching method. 

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network fundamentals

In this lesson you can learn about Network fundamentals that you can learn all the basics about computer network…

What is Network

Network is an interconnection of computers and other devices which is used to share resources for communication…

Type Of Network

Based on how the computers access data and information, computer network is classified into two types, those are… 



An Online Workshop, as well as lectures and courses, is a great way for trained professionals to share their knowledge. Also, being able to do it remotely means you can reach people all over the world.

Live Webinars

A live webinar is an online meeting or presentation held via the Internet in real-time. The main feature of live webinar is interactivity, or the ability to discuss, send and receive information in real-time.


Learn about Information technology by participating IT Trainings from industry experts and IT Professionals.


The aim of Free IT Tutorial is to be known worldwide as a place where the highest professional values and technology innovations and research prosperously to make a real difference in the IT industry. The strategic plan is based around the outstanding learning and they are especially important to student to reach highest levels in the society.



The students and IT professionals who seeking to gain the professional knowledge and qualification.

for the future
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