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The aim of Freeittutorials for providing IT training and professional certification and instructions associated with good techniques for those who are eager to gain professional knowledge and qualifications. In this competitive world, the worth of education is almost an immense resource. providing Industrial IT training and professional certification which lead to build up the knowledge with the skills and conduct globally recognized certifications local studies free of charge.

Freeittutorials is an online learning academic center that was established to create proficiencies. Courses are designed to help students to carve their own identity in their own space from the basic to advance with the proper guidance. Train and guide the students and working professionals for innovative sight through an online learning system and facilitate the student to engage with practical workshop, seminars, live sessions with the industrial experienced IT professionals. 

Lead to the path for the next generation to succeed in their dreams by joining the Freeittutorials.

Vision & Mission


To emerge as the most sought-after education and training partner in the region by making a meaningful contribution towards building a knowledgeable society among of us.


To create a learning and research environment with best possible resources for our students to be innovative and dedicated to lead to the path and to produce professionals with strong technical background, project management, problem solving and communication skills.

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